Here at Minibugs Nurseries we pride ourselves on our parent partnerships and our ability to communicate with our families at all given opportunities.

As part of the Connect Childcare online systems used in the nurseries, our parents have the benefit of being able to download the free Parentzone app.

Parentzone gives you instant access to information about your child’s day at nursery. By downloading the app and setting up a log-in you’ll have access to information about things like
• The meals and snacks your child has eaten each day
• Any sleeps/ naps your child has had at nursery and their duration
• Toileting and nappy changes for your child
• Photos, observations and information about the activities your child has been involved in at nursery

You will also be able to add your own ‘at home’ observations which can be seen by practitioners working with your child and you’ll also be able to instantly message your child’s key worker with any useful/ important information

The system also offers parents access to their nursery fee invoices at the click of a button!

Speak to the nursery team today to find out more.