Whether you’re a first time parent or a parenting pro there are so many reasons to register your child in nursery!

It can feel as if there are lots of decisions to make when you’re a parent. And the decision about childcare isn’t easy. You know what’s best for your child, so trust yourself, but be open to ideas you hadn’t thought of too.

Sometimes, you have no choice and have to find childcare to go back to work or study. Other times, you may be eligible for childcare funding and wonder whether it’s worth it.

Either way, you’ll first have to decide whether to take up childcare, then which type of childcare is best, then choose which childcare provider to try.

There is a lot to think about, but it doesn’t have to be a final decision.

Here are some ways in which childcare can be good for your child, you and your family;

Attending nursery gives your child

  • Time to socialise with other children their age
  • Opportunity to learn and develop new skills
  • Supports speech and language development
  • Gives them structure and a routine

There is always someone on the end of a phone to help you make up your mind about childcare too.

Contact our amazing Nursery Management team today and we will be happy to help!