Did you know you can get support not just for your child but yourself if your miniperson is suffering with their mental health? Here at Minibugs our staff are trained to support your child’s development and recognise any concerns that need to be discussed with parents and carers. If you feel like you need some Day 5 of Child Mental Health Week

Did you know that children can develop the same mental health conditions as well as adults, but their symptoms may be different? Why not start the conversation with your mini person? Know what to watch for and how you can help your mini person: Mood changes. Look for feelings of sadness or withdrawal that last at Day 4 of Child Mental Health Week

We focus on your child’s development and we can provide you with an update of their day with us when you come to pick up your miniperson. Many of us struggle to stick to a routine no matter how organised we are. Did you know that routines can really help your mini person’s mental health? Day 3 of Child Mental Health Week

There is so much evidence which now shows how exercise is an important key to reducing stress and improving our wellbeing. The evidence shows that this statement is true for people of any age. This is why at Minibugs we love to get our mini people involved in physical activities daily from hunting for bugs in our Day 2 of Child Mental Health Week

This week is Child Mental Health Week. This years theme is ‘Find Your Brave’ This week we will be sharing ideas, information and tips on how you can help take care of your mini persons mental health and emotional wellbeing. Did you know that 1 in 8 children and young people have a diagnosable #mentalhealth Did you know that this week is Child Mental Health week?