As the debate in the media continues about the safe re-opening of schools, early years and nurseries are quite often missed out of the headlines.

Nurseries are however in the plans for the first wave of returning children to their normal childcare setting.

Where we have remained open for families of key workers and our vulnerable children, we have already made a large number of changes to the way we operate and followed the latest Government guidance on operating as safely as we can.

Our staff who have continued to work have been amazing. They are our own unsung hero’s who have adapted to all the many changes these last few months have thrown at us and remained committed to providing a safe and caring environment for our children so that we could support our key workers families.

As we plan to re-open for all families from 1st June, we have been working hard to review the latest guidance, the risks and what measures we can put in place to protect our staff and children.

There is no doubt that guidance will continue to evolve so we feel it is very important that we work with our families and be transparent about what we are planning so that everyone can ask whatever questions they have, allow us to address them and hopefully feel confident about their child returning to our care.

We are therefore sharing our formal COVID-19 Site Operating Procedure. This has been developed based on Government and Local Authority early years team’s guidance and adapted to take into account each of our individual nursery sites environments.

I am sure you are aware that some of our team are on Furlough while children numbers remain low. We ask our parents to work with us and keep us informed about your childcare needs so that we can ensure we have the correct number of staff available to care for our children. Thank you to those who have already responded.

Its currently unclear what date it will be firmly confirmed that we can re-open on the 1st June to all families. We will notify everyone as soon as this is announced.

Thank you as always for your support and we look forward to welcoming you back.


Anna Sarginson